Monday, November 23, 2009

Like the end of a good Western

So I am back in NYC (aka the Wild Wild East.) The trip is over but like all good Westerns, there were good guys, bad guys, and beautiful women. Lessons learned and guns drawn. As a stranger once said "sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes well the bar eats you."

Below are morals from the road:

Mark a network sound recordists that I met in Durham warned me about love.
Don't be like all my cameramen friends, who falls in love with a woman's face and then realize later that her heart was bad.

Bob a law professor in Delaware/underwater shipwrecked explorer, who sat next to me on a plane to Alexandria, boosted about lust.
At 5am every woman on Bourbon St is beautiful, the bayou's morning light does special things.

Brenda who sells chemical insulation for underground wiring enjoyed flaunting her sexuality while chatting with me on the way to Atlanta.
I am a middle aged woman who still wears a short skirt and knee high boots, my husband loves to hear stories of men picking me up.

In the 9th ward Steve and Jim fished for Thanksgiving gumbo while sharing the most important life saving information of the swamp lands.
I will always take my chances with the gators. Gators will bite your hand off, a poisonous water snake will kill you in 20 mins.

Nick a forensic specialist based in North Carolina confided in me during my plane ride back to NY.
If you are planning to deal drugs, only sell prescription. It is very hard to convict you of trafficking.

Thank you to Allen Bell and everyone at the Southern Arts council that made this trip a reality. Thank you to everyone who gave me a meal, and a smile, and a story. These are things that will be hard to forget.


I took 1,362 photos during this trip, here are a couple:

Also tour posters are still available if you make a contribution to Dicksheet's charity: Contact me fooefilm (at) gmail (dot) com.

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