Friday, November 13, 2009


Saw Jack White at the airport. Was called a glue sniffer in a bad Broadway cowboy bar. Overheard a derelict man tell a middle-aged woman in heels "I ain't seen legs so close together since I had my last bucket of churches friend chicken." Ladies, this is as good as complements get.

Nashville was lovely and Vanderbilt was wonderful. Thanks to JoEL, Sarah, Wolf, Ashley, and all the fine folks that made my stay more than pleasant. The biggest treat was hearing from Vikrant Sahasrabuddhe an Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt's Institute for Global health who had previous had the honor of seeing Dr. Dicksheet operate in India almost a decade ago.

Just pulled into to Alexandria, and am not going to lie that I might have upgraded my rental car to a mustang. It is bright red. I figured you only drive through the south once.

Also we have been in the news...
There was a full page spread in the the Nashville Scene.
And we were on the TV in Alexandria and had a nice interview in the Town Talk.

See bigger and more photos from my trip here: