Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Danielle Beverly from Old South visits Presbyterian College

From filmmaker Danielle Beverly of Old South:

Presbyterian College in rural Clinton SC hosted the final #‎SouthernCircuit stop of Old South. The college was born from the ruin of The Civil War and has deep Southern roots. It was the largest audience yet, for the tour. Students just kept packing the tiny room. Several football players even carried in a couch and plopped it down right in front.

What had seemed like a sleepy campus when I arrived at 5pm, now appeared to have 20% of the student body in the room. Students had been buzzing about the film I was told, and they were ready.

Many members of the Greek community attended - including a large number of KA fraternity members - as well as non-fraternity/sorority students. The conversation was at times tough, but it yielded a deeper understanding for all. It spoke well about the students that they were able to share truthfully to one another about how race and complications around legacy, impact their personal and campus lives.

Myself and faculty continued to talk with students one on one, for hours after the lights came up. A success. Special thanks to Dr. Terry Barr, Professor of English, who arranged a dinner with a young KA member, a student athlete, and several faculty members before the screening. He also introduced the film, as seen in the photo.

As this is my final blog post, I want to use it to thank Southern Circuit and South Arts for all that they do. This is the most meaningful way to screen my documentaries. As a filmmaker and as a professor, I am committed to the power that film can bring to open minds, spur difficult conversations, and touch audiences, particularly students. Southern Circuit is essential.

...until next time, with the next film....