Friday, April 24, 2015

Noel Schwerin of A Kind of Order visits Oxford College Of Emory University and Presbyterian College

From filmmaker Noel Schwerin of A Kind of Order:

My first stop on the Southern Circuit was Oxford College of Emory University. Lovely small town Georgia, so friendly and relaxed, and to a Californian, SO GREEN! At Oxford, intrepid English Professor Stacy Bell teaches a memoir writing class where her students visit and share life stories with inmates at a woman’s prison. Visiting her class was great; we could jump right into the issues, rewards and obstacles to working with the incarcerated and the corrections bureaucracy.

Noel Schwerin (L) and Professor Stacy Bell (R) in class.

Later my film showed in the chapel to a large and appreciative audience. (It is so satisfying to hear a crowd laugh and be told later they cried as well.) Thanks to English Professor Molly McGehee for the kind introduction and for bringing the Southern Circuit to Oxford!

Next: Presbyterian College in Clinton SC. It may be the end of the term, but PC people show up! I had a fascinating (and delicious) dinner with four faculty before being greeted by a big room of attentive students. (No cell phones or snoring…that’s good at this time of year, right?) There is nothing simple about a conversation about racial ordering anywhere, and maybe especially in Clinton SC, but college students really are open and they really want to talk about their conflicts, feelings and fears. Thank you PC.

Off to Pompano Beach, FL… I hear it’s sunny there.