Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jesse Roesler from The Starfish Throwers visits Clemson University.

From Filmmaker Jesse Roesler of The Starfish Throwers:

The very first stop on the Southern Circuit Tour for The Starfish Throwers was at Clemson University in South Carolina. Our wonderful host Amy Monaghan showed me the campus and introduced me to several film students before and after our screening.

We had a great screening with a highly engaged, mostly student audience - including a friend of Katie Stagliano's who was actually featured in the film! A wonderful conversation followed the screening about how the film was made, and ultimately turned to the state of independent film-making and how students could get started making indie motion pictures.

It was especially rewarding to connect with young people who were considering making a film of their own. Thanks to the Southern Circuit for introducing us to our new friends in Clemson (several pictured below with their #ThrowStarfish messages!