Saturday, March 08, 2014

Bradley Hutchinson's Barzan - Miramar, FL

The latest from Bradley Hutchinson, touring his film Barzan on the Southern Circuit:

Traveling for the Southern film circuit for me started with a leisurely drop off at the Spokane (WA) airport and an easy check in. I got a coffee and sat down to wait. As the time to board approached I heard the airline counter rep tell a room full of people that "we are sorry your flight is cancelled due to a mechanical issue." That was noon on Wednesday. I wasn't that concerned because we had booked flight into Miramar (FL) a day early so as long as the airline got me to Florida before the screening I'd be fine. After an hour and a half on the phone with an airline rep waiting to be rerouted, they got me another series of flights. Waiting for the next flight, I heard the same words again "we are sorry your flight is cancelled due to a mechanical issue." Not cool. A lot of stress and craziness followed for me but the end of that story was that after 25 hours of being either in an airport waiting or flying on a plane, I finally made it to the hotel with time to spare. I remember laying on my back staring at the textured ceiling in the hotel and giggling out of delirious joy of not being in an airport and pure body exhaustion. That was Thursday at 2pm.

Dinner in Miramar
In seemly direct opposition to my troubled experience traveling, the screening was great. When I first arrived I was struck by how big their facility is. The Miramar Cultural Center seats 600+ and our film Barzan has played in all kinds of theaters as a part of festivals all over the world but this is one of the largest in terms of sheer size. The difference between Miramar and everywhere else we have played is that their theater was a stage theater whereas most places we have played have been theaters made for watching films. Upon first arriving, I was taken back to a green room where I stayed until the Q&A. In the green room they served me one of the biggest and best steaks I have ever eaten and I'm a man who loves a good steak.

The staff was really lovely and made me feel like I was some sort of a VIP. The crowd that showed up for the screening was a small but very engaged. I always prefer a small but interested crowd that wants to talk about what they have seen over a large dispassionate silent audience every time. Our film is meant to elicit a lengthy conversation and Miramar was ready for that. I think our Q&A lasted an hour+ and for a film with an 80 minute runtime that is an amazing ratio. In the audience in Miramar there was a retired immigration judge in the crowd who was very into how our film dealt with our lead character’s immigration court case. It was very intense but also very good. I think the general consensus from everyone in the crowd that night was a general appreciation for the chance to see it, which is one of the biggest compliments an audience can give to your film.

So thank you Miramar! Now onto Gallatin and Louisville!