Saturday, March 08, 2014

Leah Warshawski's Finding Hillywood

The latest update from filmmaker Leah Warshawski, touring her film Finding Hillywood on the Southern Circuit:

When Teresa called me last year to personally congratulate us for being accepted into the Southern Circuit, I knew we were in for a wild ride! 10 cities in 10 days with every combination of airlines, hotels and rental car agencies you can imagine. Somehow her team managed to book it all down to the hour, and I have only had one flight cancelled since the beginning of the tour. As a producer who books a lot of travel, I appreciate the attention to detail and logistics - and the team's ability to stay calm and change plans on a moment's notice. Yesterday when one of my flights got cancelled, Teresa immediately sprung into action and 2 hours later I was sitting in the Artmore Hotel in Atlanta preparing for a Skype Q&A with Tupelo after our screening.

Our film FINDING HILLYWOOD has screened 5 times so far on the tour and we have 5 more to go. Since our film is about a festival in Rwanda, it's only fitting that people see it in a theater, with an audience - so the Southern Circuit Tour is a perfect fit. I'm grateful for the venue hosts who have welcomed me and the audiences who stay to ask questions and engage in conversation. One of my father's friends from college even showed up at our Memphis screening as a surprise. As a filmmaker it's the ultimate validation to watch your film with an audience that "gets it" - and I can say that all of the audiences so far on the tour "get it". After 6 years of fundraising and struggling to complete our film, it feels incredible to share it and release it into the world the way it was meant to be - in theaters. For everyone who has braved the cold this week to come to our film - THANK YOU! Team Hillywood is grateful.

If you have seen our film on the tour and would like to hold a screening at your local theater, please request a screening through our partner Gathr via our website: Please also "like" our Facebook page for the film to see photos from the Tour so far:

Photos from the road: