Tuesday, March 04, 2014

George Gage- Madison, GA

The latest and final update from George Gage, touring his film Bidder 70 on the Southern Circuit.

My very last screening was in Madison, GA. Madison is a beautiful and old historic town with beautiful buildings everywhere. The venue that we screened in was as beautiful as the rest of the building in town. The audience at the screening was nicely attended. They had a nice little party afterwards, a nice hosting of the filmmaker and the film and the people that were in attendance. Since I still had a lot of my hats left and didn't want to carry them all home,  I really made an effort to sell the rest of the hats. I used my technique that I used the other night in Lake Charles. Instead of just putting one hat on one person's head, and then saying, "that will be twenty bucks," I put a hat on three or four people's heads. The next thing I knew, I had caused quite a little flurry and I sold about twelve Bidder 70 hats and thankfully my suitcase was a little lighter coming home. Like I mentioned before, these are Bidder 70 hat, which were favorites of and Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes and Robert Redford, so that makes them very sell-able. Anyway, the tour ended on a very high note. We had a good audience and got to visit a beautiful town.

Now I'm home safe and sound in Telluride, Colorado, in the middle of a snowstorm.

I'm grateful to have had the opportunity that is Southern Circuit, and it was great to end my tour in the lovely Madison, GA!