Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jeremy Seifert - ETSU

An update from Jeremy Siefert, currently touring his film GMO OMG:

I drove up to Johnson City, TN, with my son, Finn, for the screening at ETSU last night. We chatted the whole way up about our favorite kinds of trees (Coastal Redwood, Sequoia, ancient oaks, and sugar maple) and also about various wild mushrooms, mostly the ones that can kill you. The leaves have mostly fallen in the mountains that border North Carolina and Tennessee, making it easy to spot all the evergreens that dot the ridges.
The screening at the Mary B. Martin School of the Arts on campus was fantastic! There were well over two hundred people from all over the community in attendance, and Earth Fare provided an amazing spread of appetizers afterward. Finn participated in the end of the Q&A, answering a few questions about what we grew in our garden last year. He also sold GMO OMG t-shirts after the screening and chatted with people for over an hour....he's learning all about life on the road! On the way back home at 11PM, he said he was so exhausted from talking to everyone, "I mean, I talked to like a thousand people and for like 30 minutes each!"

A big THANK YOU to Anita DeAngelis and her team for making it an event to remember.