Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jeremy Seifert - Western Carolina University

The latest update from Jeremy Seifert, touring his film GMO OMG:

Tucked in the mountains of the Nantahala National Forest, just south of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, lies the tiny town of Cullowhee, NC, home of Western Carolina University. For this second screening of the Southern Tour, the whole family packed into the rental car and drove through the gray, dormant forest through wisps of icy snow. This was the second cold snap of fall and the temperature dropped to 26 degrees! Very cold for transplants from Los Angeles.

It was another fantastic screening, with many students in attendance, and a lively half hour discussion afterward. We ended up talking about the need for students to wake up to this issue and take a stand, like in the good ol' days of campus revolution again Vietnam.

Many students on campuses across the country truly do not have a choice when it comes to food. The meal programs, many of them run by companies like Aramark, serve up GMOs and preservative-packed crap to a captive student body. We need for students to take the lead on getting good, organic, local, fresh food on campuses. How amazing would it be if the college population of this country said NO to the corporate slop and YES to real food?

I heartfelt thank you to senior Jeffrey Ray for driving me around and helping with t-shirt sales. Wearing only a t-shirt in the bitter cold, without one goose bump on his smooth black skin, I learned a thing or two about being a real man, too! Thanks for that, Jeffrey!