Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On The Road With "BARBERSHOP PUNK" aka Georgia in Georgia


Solo roadtrip should have involved an Ipod or something, but I have been having fin with the radio cranked jamming down the highway. Did I mention people around Atlanta drive FAST!  We are talking about a 70mph speedlimit and folks zooming past -- totally goes with the Steppenwolf, AC/DC et all... and this car is HUGE!

So the Drive From Madison to BEAUTIFUL. Rolling hills, green fields and tall trees flank the road.
I wish I had a better understanding of time and distance and it seems a pity not to get to pull over and wander around a bit.  I just am so worried about being rudely late that I press on.

Gainesville is a much bigger city than Madison, however: unlike Los Angeles, there is still a strong
"town center," and unique flavor of community.  I do a bit of site-seeing and make a plan for tomorrow morning on my day off to see more before I head to my screening.

(I'll add some more pic's later - having camera issues....)

 I love discussing the issues of my film, but it's really important to me that people understand that I came into the issue via the film.  I wasn't an advocate for an issue seeking an outlet, rather, we were following a compelling character/individual who led us there.  With that in mind it's always a real treat for me to get to talk about the process of filmmaking as well as Telco and Internet policies
(woo hoo) so this audience filled with film students was a blast. 

I feel like I'm making friends :)

xo - G