Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Birmingham offers Excellent Tacos and Great Discussion

from Emily Hubley -

Flight’s delayed and I miss the connection, but after a wait in Houston, I fly to Birmingham.

Drive to the Springfield Suites – upgraded to a swanky suite and get ready for the show. The Alys Stephens Center is enormous. I have not eaten but fortunately there’s a taco truck in front of the center that looks great. I call my host, Eric Essix to ask his opinion of La Cantina and he says, “run there, don’t walk!” (It’s not far, so I sort of speed-walk over) and order a Cuban taco from the nice man inside who even takes time to help me adjust the settings on my camera. Unfortunately, he can’t come to the movie (and unfortunately I miss focus).


In the theater, we adjust the brightness of the projection (thanks David!)  and Eric shows me to an unexpected spread of snacks. Together w the taco, I’m fortified for the screening.

The show goes well. It’s not a huge crowd, but a nice mix of students and artist/filmmakers. Stay late swapping a wide variety of movie recs (horror! Historical drama, animation) with students and John, the theater mgr/usher who walks me to my car.

PS --the next day I drive to Atlanta and stop in the GA welcome center to make some calls.

The bathroom door has the best “handle” ever! This is my husband’s new Facebook photo: