Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last Leg of Toe Tactic Tour

Weekend in Atlanta

The weather turns cold, but it’s winter (so why complain?)!

The drive to Atlanta is more tiring than I’d expected, but I have a delightful and delicious meal with Teresa Hollingsworth, our effervescent leader, and am revived until I fall fast asleep in Atlanta.

My hosts Terry and Eileen take me to a great breakfast at Homegrown and on to the High Museum – where my favorite art (apart from 2 Adolph Gottliebs and one unusual Rothko) is by Bill Traylor. I have to buy the book. 
On the way home we see this billboard for Delocated, created by and starring Jon Glaser, who plays Toooot in The Toe Tactic.

On to the show. At the  Clarkston Community Center, there are a number of cool activities going on – Zumba singers, a fundraiser – I meet the gregarious Lesley Dixon and we set up for the screening – not a huge crowd but an entertaining discussion afterwards.


The brief radio interview w Jeff Stiles on WGOW is moved up an hour. I speed up to Chattanooga and meet my host David Cook just in time to go on air. Exciting. I’m followed by Occupy Chattanooga – listen in the car.

After checking in, David takes me up to Lookout Mountain – nice view of the city and the river – not much of a photo, I’m afraid, but I’m an animator, not a photographer…

We visit the home studio of Judith Mogul (artist/animator) and are impressed by the pool in her basement!, and the creatures she’s created form the alternate universe in her back yard.

High quality burger before the screening – everything looks good – wonderful gallery space. I pose with the Chattanooga Film Society (the stylish board members). Great group.

 Photo taken by and sent to me by Barry Snyder. Thanks Barry!


Hectic gas-up and drive to the airport at 5:30 am – dark! Fly to Charlotte/to Greenville… met by Michael Crane holding up a tic tac toe board at the airport. I’m too tired to catch the reference immediately. Need a nap! I speak with Rex Logan Rose for an article for the East Carolinian about the screening – link here:

Work all day at the comfortable Fifth Street B&B then go for a little hobble around the town before the screening. (This turns out to be a mistake – the leg is not happy.)

The event (with participation of some cool faculty) is put on by a student-run Film Guild – so exciting. There is a mix of students and non-students and the film is exceptionally well received. An exuberant Q+A follows and I don’t watch the clock, but the next thing I know, people are folding chairs and loading them onto a truck. Thanks Greenville. Augusta-ho!


Finally and stupidly miss a plane! Day spent at the Charlotte Airport (things could be worse).  I get to Augusta late, but not too late.

I do NOT miss the show – arrive and have a very fun chat with my host Michelle and the projectionist (projection’s great) Matt. Take a stroll by the river – gorgeous (even if you can’t tell from the picture)…

The Q+A goes well. We discuss grief, love and the creative process. Nice woman reprimands the venue for scheduling events on a Wednesday in the Bible Belt (choir night)… I appreciate the concern. It’s a nice group for the final night. Make it to my B&B and hit the hay.

HUGE thanks to South Arts for allowing me to share The Toe Tactic with a diverse and new audience. The experience was illuminating and inspiring. On to the next film – I hope to return in another 20 years.

-Emily Hubley