Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Anne Makepeace and "We Still Live Here" Head South

After a sweet sad goodbye to my husband Charles and my dog Cassius, I flew to Charleston to begin my Southern Circuit tour.

Charleston was balmy after the frozen north, and the wonderful old house where I stayed made me feel that i was really in the Old South.  I had a corner room just off this balcony.

Street life was lively, with lots of boutiques and shops and restaurants, though chains like Pottery Barn,  J Crew and Williams Sonoma  have begun to invade the beautiful southern architecture.

We had a wonderful screening at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art,  part of the College of Charleston.

Lizz Bissell and her fabulous interns helped with the screening and with selling DVDs

The audience was small - 60 or 70 people - but very enthusiastic with many smart and insightful questions.  I was grateful to all who came, as we were competing with the Food and Wine Festival, the Charleston Film Festival, and a ballet, and and this was the first day of Spring Break at the college.

After the screening we gathered in the lobby for delicious cupcakes and interesting conversation.  I was charmed by the diversity of the crowd - a beautiful young couple from Cuba, a Chippewa from Minnesota, a Ukrainian real estate agent and former filmmaker, and many more.  It was a great night.

A good time was had by all!