Thursday, February 09, 2012

On the road with "Barbershop Punk"

From Georgia Archer -

DAY 1:

Talk about Mr. Toads Wild Ride (eek I hope there are still Wind In The Willows fans out there.)

So I woke up around 4:30 AM to hit the road.  Stopped to check my emails on the way out the door only to find and urgent email from our DP informing me that our website was down!
THANK YOU AMY!   So there I am keys in hand, on phone and trying not to freak out...

Well, the website took a chunk of time to fix, so now very late - jumped in the car, LAX bound.
I'll spare you the play by play,  (which included traffic jams, a broken zipper and running the distance of the terminal,) happily I did make the plane and landed in tact in Atlanta, which BTW is a giant airport.  Jumping into my rental I didn't really stop to question that I drive a little tiny car at home and
I'm loading into a Jeep with no real idea where I'm going...I am now that driver, you know, the one in the rental car - going too slow and swerving, and folks in Atlanta drive FAST -- a little grandma even flipped me off :(

Once out of the city limits the highway opened up into beautiful wide roads and skylines filled with trees. I thought it was supposed to be cold, but was closer to mid 70's and I admit I wished I was sharing this with Anthony, but had some selfish pleasure in the alone time.

The screening in Madison went well.  Direct questions. I realize how much SOPA has really helped in bringing Internet Issues into the public eye -- It's so important that we all take a look -- and at least it's one good thing that came out of that horrible slice of legislation.

The evening ended with a group of us heading into town for continued conversation and Cava's.  I was really sorry it was a Wednesday night, wish I had more time.  It's also during their fundraising drive to bring the tour back next year.  Can't speak enough about what a great program this is, and communities finding a direct way to support the arts is really where it's at. So three cheers for all you local patrons out there, you really are making it happen and three cheers for getting involved.

xo - G