Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Adventures of Emily Hubley

Early morning to Newark Airport - gimping along on a bum leg and hoping it'll weather the trip. On BOTH planes, other passengers are in my seat, confusing "C" with some other letter. No big deal, but an interesting (or boring) pattern.

The rental car starts without an ignition key - again, no bother, but it takes getting used to. I'm terrified of locking the "keys" in the car. Lots of triple checking.

Drive to Auburn. Grand hotel.

I do some email in the room and realize I'm starving. Get a pork sandwich "Alabama style" at Moe's down the street.

Yummy, but - should have gotten the hot sauce.

As I'm leaving for the screening, I have a sudden tsunami of a nosebleed... (Comedy ensues).

I'm late arriving at the Jule Collins Smith Museum as night falls.

I meet my lovely host Scott Bishop at the auditoreum. The film looks dark, but people are arriving and there's nothing to do but hope for the best. The film runs. I'm relieved that people sound engaged - and then the Q+A is warm and fun - even though I grope the word "inevitable".. . But the audience bears with me and they're a super nice bunch.

We retire to the cafe for cookies and coffee and I meet Lexa, Paige and Isabella - 3 adorable (not to be condescending - they ARE) Auburn women studying graphic design, chemistry and engineering. Quite the trifecta. They like the movie enough to take dvds home which is great cuz my suitcase is stuffed! I close down the joint talking to Daniel, a budding filmmaker.

Back in my room, I'm grateful for the freezer - the "ice peas" are nice and cold as I ice my knee and write the blog.

Good night night one!