Friday, February 10, 2012

More Adventures with Emily Hubley

2/8 blog

Up early enough to get to Price’s House of Barbecue – delicious breakfast biscuit – remembered the sauce this time.

On to a FAST run through of the Jule Collins Smith Museum. The nice guard remembers me from last night. I enjoy the Freedom exhibit and make a wish in the fountain, but don’t have time to take a photo.

Drive to the airport and board the plane almost immediately. Lots of seat swapping followed by a long wait in Atlanta during which I type yesterday’s blog into my blackberry – busy digits!

In Lafayette I meet my host Aimee Pawloski for tapas at Pamplona before the screening. Really nice place – I recommend it. The theater is new and beautiful. The projection is perfect (thank you George). At the Q&A I don’t grope for words – the film is well-received by a diverse and intelligent crowd.  We discuss (and enjoy) the adventure of human interaction.
I’m inspired to return to the Acadiana Arts Center with a film/live music performance (many thoughts brewing) but of course I’d have to create one first.
 Aimee drives me back to my hotel where Jade, the physical therapy student working the front desk, is chilling my ice pack in the lobby freezer.  I’m exhausted. Good night Lafayette!