Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sheila Dvorak - Lights, Camera, and a Moderated Q&A in Gainesville GA

When I arrived at the Arts Council in Gainesville Georgia, I was struck by the beautiful building and excited by the platter of Petit fours set out for the reception. After the film, while the audience milled in the atrium with the goodies, I was wired up for the Q&A. The Film Club at Gainesville State College works in partnership with the Arts Council, and they were going to film the moderated Q&A and create an edit of the interview. Sounded good to me!

Dr. Jeff Marker, a professor in the Media Studies department was the moderator, and had prepared a lot of great questions. His colleague David Smith was one of the two camera operators. Dr. Marker blew my mind when he said that he has watched my short film Vacation Bible Lemonade in preparation for the interview, and that he found many similar themes in that film, which I wrote and directed, and Children of Invention. He asked if I was drawn to stories about industrious children. It was a very unique question, and I was flattered he had taken the time to watch my film, which is available on IMDB. (Click the link to watch the movie)

He said that the performance by Adamina Giselle Smith was another one of those that blow you away. Thanks Jeff! I'll be sure to let her know. Adamina is my niece, and I wrote that part in order to showcase her talents. Great job!

I really enjoyed the Q&A because it was an excellent opportunity to discuss the state of independent film and encourage the film students to work hard if they want to succeed. I shared that Tze and I made twelve short films before Windowbreaker got into the Sundance Film Festival, so it's important not to get discouraged, and to keep exploring your art form until your craft meets your expectations.

Tonight I am off to the BB King Museum in Indianola Mississippi for the third screening in the series. Very excited. Thank you South Arts!