Monday, April 13, 2009

Counting Down

Two days before I leave for the first leg of 'Bama Girl's Southern Circuit Tour (though only one day before the first screening -- the lucky audience members at the first official Tour date, in Jacksonville Florida, will be delighted to find that they get a Q&A with Jessica Thomas, the star of the film, instead of having to hear me blather on about my "craft.")

I am certainly looking forward to the audiences and questions as I traverse the South. A little less certainly looking forward to the hours on various Interstates in a Ford Taurus or whatever rental car they give me, with a numb rear end and counting the exits until I can get some more fries at the next TGIFridays/IHOP/Taco Bell. But it'll definitely be an adventure. One which will undoubtedly leave me with an even greater appreciation of the beauty and diversity of the South. Not to mention the need for a jumbo tube of Clearasil.