Monday, April 13, 2009

A Sunset Over Georgia Ends My Tour...


I drive a few hours southeast from Orangeburg, SC to Brunswick, Georgia, for the final Southern Circuit Tour screening of All About Us.  As I enter downtown Brunswick I notice a very happening and fun vibe here.  I later learn that today is "First Friday" when the quaint shops, art galleries, local bookstores, restaurants and other businesses come together and have a festive block party/open house every first Friday of each month.  Downtown Brunswick reminds me of another quaint area near Los Angeles' Hancock Park called Larchmont and its downtown.  

I head to the Ritz Theater and they too participate in First Friday by exhibiting beautiful art work from local elementary school children.  The lobby is full of students, parents and art admirers enjoying the art and a table full of refreshments equally.  

It is now showtime...the big tour finale.  I introduce All About Us to a wonderful audience, the film begins and then I immediately head outside to enjoy the festivities.  Art gallery stop, bookstore stop...I eventually make my way to the lovely docks where the Liberty Ship Memorial is housed a few blocks away from downtown.  I stand on the waterfront over looking the calm waters, inhale the fresh air and enjoy a beautiful, golden sunset while a variety of birds play in the distance.  This is such a poignant end to what has been 12 days that will never be forgotten.  I have not watched a sunset dip below the waters in about a year and I remind myself that it can never be that long again.  

Tomorrow, when the sun reappears here in the southeast, I will be in Jacksonville, Florida, preparing to board my flight home to Charlotte.  The Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers is officially a wrap for All About Us.  -Michael Swanson