Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We landed in Jackson, Missisippi and were immediately immersed in the sweet summer air. Eighty one degrees and coming from a raw New York March, it sure felt good. But as is our wont, not three minutes from the airport we were lost. We flagged down a postal carrier who was a Mississippi sweetheart, and he set us straight in no time at all. A little gospel music on the car radio and voila! We were one with the American south!

In short order we were meeting our gracious hosts, Melissa Leo and Melissa Kelly of Millsaps College, and two of their young students, Sarah and Rachel, for dinner at their invitation. Vic, assuming we'd be having barbecue (with confident anticipation) was surprised -- turns out it was Middle Eastern cuisine, in a large, comfortable room complete with overhead fans and a wraparound porch. The food was great!

On to the screening on the bucolic Millsaps campus. It was a great crowd. Interestingly, they were mostly psych majors -- both Melissa's are psych profs, and felt that RANDOM LUNACY would be a good exercise for the students to examine behavior and try to assess what is "crazy?" Poppa Neutrino did not disappoint. The Q&A was lively and it was clear that thought was provoked -- concensus was that yeah, Poppa Neutrino is one complex character.

We write this from the hotel computer, badly pressed for time to get to the airport, as our best laid plans have been laid waste. Within a half hour of being in Jackson, Vic dropped the digital still camera into a full bathtub, rendering it unusable (we hope temporarily.) You will note there are no pictures with this blog.

Then, last night Vic proceeded to push every button he could find on his laptop -- the laptop has now gone from wireless to useless.

All that said -- we are having a great time; the screening last night in Jacksonville was wonderful. The crowd was very diverse, ranging from very young (a kid of about nine or ten) to not so young. They also responded thoughtfully and enthusiastically.

Now -- off to Louisville.