Thursday, March 12, 2009

These city kids are pretty impressed

We wish we could spend more time in Louisville. As we blog this we are in the Galt House Hotel, twelve stories above a sweeping river view. We felt the vibe of this town as soon as we drove in. History, art, culture, and character galore. Horses too, or at least portraits and statues of them!

The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts is a magnificent venue, architecturally impressive, and a grand -- in every sense of the word -- place to screen.

After the screening, our gracious hosts took us to a bar/restaurant/art gallery which rivals anything in Soho or Chelsea. At that point we were definitely considering a move to Louisville, but we were pressed for time in terms of looking for a permanent place to live, since we have a six hour drive ahead of us for the next screening in western NC!