Saturday, April 12, 2008

through the bayou

lovely is how it's going.
now a solid fan base in charleston, south carolina.
a mutual adoration society actually.
thanks mark, brian and lindy at halsey!
we had a discussion last night that extended (by chance
meeting folks from the screening on the street) over
a beer and still had us writing notes on essays to read:
paul tillich on grace, for instance well past 11pm. i went so far at one
point to enact benjamin's angel of history. it's a good thing
i'm interested in absurdity. hopefully in my upcoming work, at least
present in life, that much is certain. the reliability of mapquest has always
be dubious and now i can say, it is useless. practically drove to
georgia on my way out of clemson which, by the way, was
fairly well-attended and my hosts (aga and amy and jonathan too)
were wonderful. brave to take me to a taco shop but when you
know good food, you know good food. flautas! but there's no
stopping now, i've driven through the bayou and after tonight's
screening finally get to see new orleans. cajun cooking. i'm ready.
more soon. cathy