Thursday, April 10, 2008

humid black mountains

hello readers,
or strollers through internet ether...
get up and go outside. i should. it's 78 degrees here in clemson.
asheville was lovely. one audience member was there at the fine
arts theater after a migraine, hoping to see paranoid park and
for some bizarre reason, was not disappointed to watch my film instead.
though grateful, i hope we both get to see gus van's latest soon. i'm loving
that people come out of the woodwork for this piece, having read
(having been stung by, really) some simone weil. we get to talk about
christianity, the spanish civil war, resistance. somehow relevant
to have the public excuse to discuss historical precedents of fascism.
i am driven to step back into black mountain while downtown (not THE,
but the receptacle mini-museum) and be reminded of experiments of
all kinds; education, living, art-making. apparently they attempted to
revive the college in the early 80s but it didn't work...maybe pre-Reagan
it couldn't, but post-Bush? seems timely to me. alternatives in
all possible senses of that word. right, here i go again, that crazy idea
of vaclav havel's the "parallel polis". read his essay "the power of the powerless"
and let's get started. even strangers (who i meet) recognize one another.
i'm happy when warm air is just thick enough to get me to slow down. as
weil wrote (one of my favorite quotes from the film) "when there's no room for
reflection between the impulse and the act, neither is there room for justice."
more coming on down the road, see you soon. - cathy