Wednesday, April 09, 2008

driving through dogwood

hello circuit afficionados,
greensboro was a wonderful start to the tour. thanks to phyllis and
the high point theatre staff as well as filmmaker chris holmes who
made me feel right at home with a first meal at "pastabilities."
an intimate group assembled at the high point museum ground
floor having braved the downtown crowds for the furniture market
which brought martha stewart to the high point theatre instead
of my film about philosopher simone weil. but those
of us more interested in the latter radical had an in-depth discussion
about the film's form, how i came to weil and even a suggestion that
a sequel should be produced: "the impossible meaning of simone weil."
i'm afraid someone else will have to take that on but i'm happy to
make my film, the world's first inroad into the contradictory thought of
the 20th century's most interesting polemicist, available to that
brave soul. after all that, a local brew entitled "full moon ale" was a
fine finisher. today, a long npr-guided drive on I-40
that included the terri gross interview with rem and the ongoing
refusal before congress to pull-out of iraq. radio (my favorite
media) brought me to asheville on the billy graham freeway with guns
and roses doing "knock-knock-knocking on heaven's door." it's great
to be back down south! more to come...cathy