Monday, April 14, 2008

new orleans morning

a great day off on the last day of the french quarter
music pouring out every pore of this town.
including the chance encounter with a new orleans jazz band
from sweden. canal creepers. they were fantastic. would be
great to have a presenter on the tour in this town! hats
off to the brave instigators in lake charles who are trying to
build an audience for independent cinema, including an up-
coming film festival. first person to notice that the archival
footage in my film can also be seen in marcel ophuls'
"the sorrow and the pity" and wants to steal my experimental
use of rear screen projection. i say, steal away. ideas are
best when they are free to circulate. i myself borrowed ideas
from cocteau and hitchcock. happy to be participating in the
discussion of cinematic form. cathy