Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Natchez, Jackson and Louisville

10/14 - The drive into Natchez was beautiful. I passed quite a few plantations along the way and they were gorgeous to see. However, I ran into a traffic jam. The Angola Prison Rodeo was going on and there were hundreds trying to get there. I wanted to go, but they were sold out. That really would have been something to write home about!! Regardless, my stay in Natchez was wonderful. My B&B sat along the river and it was really relaxing. I had a great catfish dinner, probably caught that morning!

10/15 - I was on the road again to Jackson. I passed a few cotton farms and plantations on my way into Millsaps College. The screeming went well and I was amused to find out that it was mandatory for the Intro to Sociology class to attend the screening. Needless to say, they were a very attentive audience.

I stayed at the Cabot Inn and although the folks there were very nice, my view was of the HVAC unit. Unfortunatley I did not have any time to tour around before I had to get on my way to Louisville.

10/16 - Driving into Louisville I noticed how much renovation was going on. Beautiful buildings and amazing architecture; new shops and restaurants. It reminded me of Durham....only Louisville has the incredible Ohio River! I had a view of it from my hotel and I'm planning a walk along it this morning.

I'm excited about tonight's screening - I'm being introduced by Gil Holland, the Executive Producer of Loggerheads!! Until tomorrow....