Thursday, October 18, 2007

Leaving Athens, GA

Had a good screening last night in Athens. I wish had more opporutnity to look around. Mayor Heidi Davison and her husband Al Davison came to the screening and we had a good discussion about efforts being made in Athens to promote public art and low-income housing.

One of the attendees last night was a geography graduate student, who did some research in Third Ward and really liked the film. She had some interesting observations on the difference between The South and The West. My feeling is that there are some particulars to each region, but they overlap and intermingle and become less separable depending upon the sub-culture you are talking about and with. If you are reading this e-mail, would you please get in touch with me at

Is this what filmmakers are supposed to be blogging about? You got me. It is a narrow slice as far as I am concerned. Better hit the road or I'll be late.