Thursday, October 18, 2007

I love Louisville!

10/17 - All I can say is that Louisville is a very funky, progressive and hip town. I love it! It seems to have a little hot bed of production companies, independent filmmakers and all kinds of creative folks. Hart-Lunsford Pictures sponsored my screening at The Kentucky Center. It went really well and it drew an eclectic crowd - the Department of Labor and the Catholic Church were some of the folks in attendence. Gil Holland conducted the Q&A session and it lasted as long as the screening did!

Tom, Dan, Gil & I hit Proof on Main for dinner. they served excellent 'Tuscan influenced' American food. The restaurant was inside a really impressive museum hotel called 21c. I loved the concept. Gil took me on a tour of the city and in particular, the Gallery NuLu which was exhibiting the works of Vadis Turner - a pretty provocative artist. I also met Gil's family, which was really nice.

I'm in the Orlando Airport right now, catching a flight into Fort Lauderdale where I will then drive to Hollywood for my final screening of this tour. The flight in was a little uncomfortable since the cabin was filled with a group of children on their way to Disney World. Well, no surprise, but I'm pressed for time, so I'm off to catch my next flight.