Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pre-Tour - It is almost tomorrow.

Monday night and still a ton of things to have in place before I fly out on Wednesday. A grad student filmmaker, Jaime Cano, has been trying to help me get closed captioning files into the DVD master. Lots of conversations back and forth with Ed Premetz and T Tran at Captions, Inc. Finally, I think, we've got it. I'll know for sure tomorrow when I can try it on a real t.v.

I'm excited about seeing the audience response to THIRD WARD TX across the Southern Circuit. While not only a "southern" film--still, people in the South will recognize the houses and some of the flavor of the neighborhood and the city in a way that will be different from northeast venues or strictly western venues.

I wish my co-producers Noland Walker or Nancy Bless could join me on some stops. But Noland is shooting a dramatically recreated history of Haiti on location (!) and Nancy has fires to tend in Austin for Texas Folklife, the organization she directs.

A few more hours of work tonight before bed, then a long day tomorrow. I'll get to nap a little on the plane to Atlanta.