Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hollywood Here I Am

10/18 - Hollywood, Florida that is - a quick drive from the Fort Lauderdale Airport. It's the last night of the tour. I'll be glad to get home, but I will also miss the "rock-star" pace of it all. I had dinner on my own at a Thai restaurant and then walked to the screening at the Art & Culture Center of Hollywood. A small, but receptive and inquisitive audience was on hand and we had a really good Q&A session (a lot of migrant workers pass through Florida). The center also has a gallery and I took some time to check it out.

On my way back to the hotel after the screening, I walked past the plaza where some musicians were playing. It was a nice way to end the night. I crawled into bed early so that I would be ready for the flight home in the morning. It's been an incredible experience screening to so many audiences in a compressed amount of time. It was nice to reconnect with some old friends, and of course, to make some new ones. Thanks to everyone who made this tour possible and all the folks that made me feel welcome.