Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"...That Flies to Montgomery"

Garrison here. Thanks to the way airlines are being run today, and compounded by weather, my 1 p.m. flight was delayed over five times. So I arrived in Montgomery 20 minutes after everyone had left the Capri theater. But six people stuck around to talk including theater director Martin McCaffery, community development activist Donald Jenkins, new city council member Tracy Larkin, an activist lawyer, a young architect named Mark and another young architect (I think) whose name I did not get, or it slipped out of my head. We went next door for a drink and to talk about Montgomery.

For me, Montgomery is legendary. Both good and bad. It is a southern cradle of the Civil Rights Movement and former bastion of demagogue politics of racism and very real violence. But these are only images. Flat ones at that. I wish had gotten in early enough to just see Montgomery; to experience it, a little at least, as a city--a place with mixed and contradictory history but a living place with a lot going on.

Raining and gray. I’m about to leave for Mobile.