Monday, October 22, 2007

Atlanta airport limbo

Garrison. First, let me say that watching a movie in a planetarium is wonderful. I love tilting back and watching the dome. I only wish we had the full sound system at the South Carolina State University planetarium, part of the I. P Stanback Art Museum--but the little amp and speaker sounded pretty darn good.

THIRD WARD TX got good marks. Ellen Zisholtz of the I.P. Stanback Museum had a survey for the audience members and I got 5 out 5 on 99% of them. The movie works. What is so incredible, of course, is Project Row Houses, but the movie gets that across.

And liked what little I saw of Orangeburg. Nice neighborhoods, great arboretum, and two of the best tacos I have had, including from my favorite Austin restaurants. Married to a former caterer and restaurateur, I can't not talk about food, when it is good. I recommend El Jarrocho to you. I had a pollo and a lengua taco. Lengua is beef tongue, too weird for some folks but actually delicious. All vegetarian readers are now keeling over and hitting their Delete Key. And at the screening, Nita (I'm sorry, I did not get your last name) made great chicken fingers fried lightly and perfectly in seasoned flour and bread crumbs.

Now my flight out to Montgomery has been canceled and I am waiting in the Atlanta airport..hoping to get a standby flight out earlier than 7 p.m. The screening at the Capri Theater in Montgomery is 7:30. I'd like to get there before the movie starts...or ends.