Saturday, October 13, 2007


10/12 -That's the first word that comes to mind about Charleston and I can't believe it's my first time in the city; unfortunately for less than 24 hours. I'm definitely coming back a'la 'road trip' with some friends. Despite the fact that it is fall break here there was a good turnout for the film, including some students and faculty. I'm pressed for time and I need to catch my flight to Atlanta, so I'll update when I can. Please check out the great article that the Charleston City Paper ran about the screening. Go to

10/13 - I've had a little time to catch my breath and wanted to add a few words. I wanted to thank Margaret "Tog" Newman for attending my screening and even more so for sponsoring the tour. She is the chairwoman of the Southern Arts Federation which made my screening road trip possible. I also had a great time talking with Mark Sloan of the Halsey Institute. It turns out we have a photographer friend in common - Roger Manley. Oh and thanks for the book!