Sunday, October 14, 2007

Later gator

10/13 - Well I made it to Lake Charles! I flew to Baton Rouge via Atlanta and then drove Hwy 10 into Lake Charles. Not a whole lot to see en route except swamp land and I was happy to pull into the Super 8 where the folks were waiting for me. Apparently Irene with the Arts Council was a little worried about me and had called a few times to see if I had made it in! Very sweet - thanks! We grabbed dinner at a down-to-earth seafood place that was all about the food and not so much about the ambiance...which is just fine with me. I got a kick out of the 12-foot long stuffed alligator that lounged beside us.

The screening went well. We had some competition since the Titantic Exhibit had opened and there was a Keltic celebration going on too. Turnout was a little small, but the audience was very attentive. There were some folks with farming backgrounds who had had many interactions with migrant workers, so it was great hearing their viewpoints and perspectives. And really, it's been nice to hear from the various "southern" audiences.

My next destination is Jackson and I don't have to be there 'til Monday. So I get a day to take a breath, get off the road, relax and actually get to do a little touring myself. I'll be staying in a little bed-and-breakfast in Natchez for the night.