Thursday, October 11, 2007

Asheville Rocks!

10/10 - As most folks know, Asheville is an incredible town full of creative, excited and motivated people. I was fortunate to meet two of them who are putting the arts in the forefront and who exemplify the supportive and collaborative nature of the community. Alison Watson is the Executive Director of the Media Arts Project (a non-profit organization that cultivates innovative arts and technology in western North Carolina) and Neal who is the Manager of the Fine Arts Theatre (a very hip venue for independent film makers) which is where we screened my film in the Upstairs Auditorium. Sorry that I can't remember your last name Neal, but thanks for the great turnout at the screening! And thanks for the sneak peek at Moon Europa, a feature length sci-fi flick by another local, independent filmmaker.

I was surprised to see Daniel from the Memphis work-in-progress screening of the film. Daniel is a former activist who brought students to see The Guestworker and hopes to use the film for outreach. It was great to have him there. I've promised to send him the DVD.

Don't laugh, but I forgot my DVD at the theatre and had to wait for it to open today (10/11) which puts me late on the road to Clemson! With that - I'm off.