Thursday, September 13, 2007

this tour. (here we go.)

So, night one of the Circuit is under my belt. Athens, GA. I've done two shows in Athens previously & always found it a little bit of a tough nut to crack. There are lots of kids with good haircuts on the streets, but I can't seem to get them to a screening. Last night was no different. A small, but (apparently) appreciative crowd. Some day I'll figure out where all the kool kidz are, but for now, I'm content to keep chipping away at the edges.

Got to show 16mm last night thanks to the heroic efforts of Jeff, the A/V guy at the Museum. The 16mm projector was covered with cobwebs when we got it out, but it ran like it was supposed to & he managed to get the audio patched in quickly so that the folks could see what these things are REALLY supposed to look like.

My biggest problem on the tour so far: finding enough time to blog. I've got friends littered around the Southeast (esp. for these first days of the tour), so I end up hanging out until the wee hours (or have, at least, my first two nights [in ATL & Athens]). I hope my loyal readers aren't too disappointed...