Friday, September 14, 2007

ending with a whimper....

I had a pretty uneventful screening at Clemson last night. Nice theatre, small crowd, decent projection... I suppose I ran out of things to say, and the audience didn't have much to say either. I just sort of stared out at them, and they stared back at me. I think we all knew it was over. I went out for beers with some of the Clemson people, who are great, then forgot my bag in Amy and Johnathan's car. I suppose if there were ever a time to do something like that, now is the time. I just got Michelle out the door, and I'm waiting for my bag to return. Then, it's off home.

So that's it. It's been an interesting tour of the "new south".... so many people I've met along the way doing these things are transplants from other parts of the country. Plenty of confederate flags, several billboard messages about Armageddon, an endless variety of fried food... all the usual suspects were in place. But in the end, the whole thing seemed much more personal than blogworthy. I'll probably remember the sensations of the trip more than the actual events.

So thanks. Thanks to David and everyone at South Arts who does so much work to make this happen. Thanks to all the sponsors of the various shows, the organizations putting on the shows, the people running the venues, the audiences coming to see my work. You've all been absolutely inspired. And yes, thanks to whoever out there read this blog. I've never experimented with the form before, and I'm sure the omissions are more obvious than the words, but I suppose that's the nature of this sort of tour. Again, thanks. I've met so many great people doing fascinating things, and I do feel like this trip was as much about me becoming aware of what's going on in these towns as it is about me showing my own work. If I've met you along the way, stay in touch!

until then, it seems that Roger Beebe is off and running....