Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Shelli Ainsworth, Stay Then Go - Barbourville KY, Sheffield AL

The latest update from filmmaker Shelli Ainsworth touring Stay Then Go on the Southern Circuit:

Now with two more screenings in the rental car rear-view mirror: objects are closer than they appear, yep to that. Our memories of these experiences are so vivid, close to the heart. My heart.

The Southern Circuit program has provided us with an opportunity to get beyond, to expand the oft-tread and diminishing path too often the fate of small independent films. To have that fourth wall, to have an audience in a different community every night is a great = fresh, illuminating, inherently creative experience.

Thank you to Union College, Barbourville KY – with its red-walled twinkly jewelry box of a theater, its awesome projection booth, and the gracious, erudite, inquiring people we met and connected with. Such hospitality, and a great engaged audience.

Fine folks at Union College, support staff, faculty. L to R:
Diana Mills, Shelli Ainsworth, Denny Liford, Tara Alan, A.J. Peterkin, Virginia Gay Candy, Christine Marley-Frederick, Kim Yeager

Union College Little Rectory Theater
Thank you to the Tennessee Valley Art Association for the warm welcome, the utterly delicious snacks! at the reception, and for the consideration, respect, and thoughtful curiosity you showed our film, and us. And what a theater! 1929, called the Ritz! Lovingly restored! With a big screen!

Marquee outside the splendid Ritz Theater, downtown Sheffield, Alabama.
If I'm dreamin', don't wake me.

Next stop: Cullowhee, NC!