Monday, October 27, 2014

Shelli Ainsworth, Stay Then Go - Cullowhee NC

We have the latest blog post from Shelli Ainsworth, tourng her film Stay Then Go on the Southern Circuit:

Hello from Cullowhee, NC, and the gentle, glinting Tennessee River.

Our 4th screening of STAY THEN GO was at Western Carolina University. While they were folks there from the community outside the university, which was great, they were also many students - many film students in attendance. Subsequently, the Q&A was more centered on creative process, working with actors,  production woes / triumphs, and a lot of inquiry about the characters in STAY THEN GO, their intentions, their arcs.

The focus of the film program here is storytelling. Learning how to do that. Certainly dear to my heart! The faulty that we met are long time filmmaking veterans who left Malibu, left LA, to live in a lovely small town in the mountains in North Carolina. (There's a movie idea there?!) It was great to meet and talk with their students. I loved their palpable energy, ambition, and curiosity. Keeps the truth coming forward. Our next stop: Madison, Georgia = heaven.

Looking forward to the STAY THEN GO screening at Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC.
Francis Ann Ortiz, Assistant Director of Campus Programming and Shelli.