Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vivienne Roumani - Hanceville, Serenbe, Louisville

The latest update from Vivienne Roumani, who recently completed touring her film Out of Print:

Birmingham's one night stop on the way to Hanceville, AL

Welcome to southern hospitality. After a short stroll I found myself at Brick & Tin, a warm and casual restaurant where I had a delicious Rio Grande Panini (wilted kale, queso fresco & pickled peppers) and an autumn vegetable salad with lots of root vegetable – hungry just thinking about it.

The (not-just-a-bookstore) Jim Reed’s Bookstore attracts visitors from all over the world.

This is a place where books and memories live side by side.

Jim has done it all: arts, films, writing, and more. Books should be displayed the way you see books at home, he says, not alone but amidst “your favorite blanket” and things.

Across the street at the Museum of Art for a brief tour and the Rushton Annual Concert with Antonio Polpa-Baldi.

I love good piano music.

Just one evening of beautiful lodging, great art and architecture -- basking in all the senses before heading to Hanceville.

Hanceville, AL

Serenbe – An idyllic place, where people are “conscious” and engaged, caring about each other, the arts and the environment.

It was wonderful staying in Clare Martorana's beautiful home.

With my wonderfully hosts, Julie and John Kappas.

Serenbe’s artists and their clever rendition announcing the event at the Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop.

Delicious food as well as friends dropping by to join you or leave you to your work.

Ever present Serenbe audience.

Serenbe Q&A moderated by the eloquent Sam Harrison, a creativity in business expert.

Last stop: Louisville, KY

Hopping Carmichael’s Bookstore on a Sunday.

Q&A at the Clifton Center.

The magical grand finale, the Brown Hotel.

Mint Julep in Bourbon City.

Cheers and thank you for an informative, inspirational trip. Thank you Southern Circuit and all my wonderful hosts, for the opportunity to be reminded that individuals transcend all preconceived notions.