Monday, November 18, 2013

John Beck - Hapeville and Lake Charles

The latest update from John Beck, currently touring his film Harvest:

 I went from one 1895 architectural treasure to another, going from the Madison Morgan Cultural Center to Hapeville's restored 19th century Christ Church Building.

Amid the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, with trains running through town, bordering highways and planes flying in and out of the airport only 5 min away, Hapeville is a tiny, easily overlooked treasure.

Big thanks to Allie O'Brien and the gang with the City of Hapeville who choreographed every detail from the top-hatted piano player to the wine and Volare appetizers reception.

My favorite comment came from Mayor Allan Hallman who described the tourist grape camp shown in the film as "It sounds like something a redneck would do, convincing those people to pay $2000 to pick grapes!"

I also enjoyed talking to a woman who had picked peaches in Georgia and perfectly related to the grape pickers in the film.

The next night, at McNeese State in Lake Charles. La, we were up against a football game the same night, but a devoted following still came out to see the film at the beautiful Shearman Arts Center - offering what was by far best projection & sound on this trip so far. It probably helps that Bill, the projectionist makes his own wine and beer (and even ferments satsumas & grapefruit!).

Banners series organizers Patricia Prudhomme and LaDonna McKnight ordered a case of the prize-winning Foppiano petite syrah for the reception.

I've been doing trivia wine giveaways during the Q&A's. One of the questions involves the burly black-bearded winemaker Paul Foppiano and his resemblance to former Giants pitcher Brian Wilson. The McNeese St. history professor who got it right let me on a little trivia of his own - Wilson played college ball nearby at LSU.

Tonight I'm screening in the living history museum at Vermilionville in Lafayette. Come on out ya'll!