Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Heart of Stone in Charleston, SC

 April 25
Charleston, SC 

Talk about saving the best for last! I never realized how much Charleston has to offer. It was voted the best tourist destination in the "world" and perhaps rightfully so. First of all Lizz Biswell from The College of Charleston was able to attract a large audience of diversity from lower income after school programs, retirees, educators to even college students! This proved an interesting Q&A afterwards. I also got a lot of tips on local restaurants and indeed the food here is exceptional. With my free time I fit in a harbour boat tour and an old town carriage ride. This was the most important city of the Civil War and wasn't burned down by Sherman so it's charm still oozes Lucky to end an eye opening South Arts Film Festival in the quintessential southern city of Charleston . Thank you South Arts for a wonderful journey.
 - Beth Kruvant