Thursday, April 25, 2013

Congrats to the Capri Theatre!

Southern Circuit is very happy to announce that the Capri Theatre has raised all of the money it will need to stay alive in this growing digital world. The Montgomery landmark for independent cinema began a Kickstarter campaign in order to convert from 35mm to DCI in March of 2013. In just about a month it succeeded in reaching its fundraising goal and now Montgomery audiences can hope to have the digital equipment up and running by the fall. Thanks to everyone for helping out our friends at The Capri! Here is a message from Martin McCaffery, Director of the Capri Theatre, upon the the success of the campaign:
"We did it!
We have reached the funding goal of $80,000.
Thank you for your support of the Capri Theatre. It means a lot to us.
With 12 days left in the campaign, I hope we'll be able to hit some stretch goals for the extra things we can do around the theatre.
More updates will come later, I just wanted you to know we did it and thank you again for your belief in the Capri and it's mission."
- Martin McCaffery, Director, Capri Theatre