Thursday, April 25, 2013

A mayor, a live band, and a restored historic church building: Hapeville Georgia

The town was dressed up with several Southern Circuit Announcements...
Hapeville is, according to friends who live in Atlanta, where the airport is...

Dear friends in Atlanta, please drive a little south west and find out how much more is there! A tiny town with some new cute cafes and restaurants, as well as historical buildings and a thriving community who made it out to a Saturday night screening!

Tech Check in the (former) church.
This cute little town was an excellent place to screen STRONG! The screening was preceded with a reception with life food and delicious local catering. The screening was well attended by a contingent of Southern Circuit fans as well as youth and some athletes- And – quite an honor to me and the film – introduced by Hapeville's own Mayor Hallman.  
The city building where the screening took place is actually a refurbished church – built in the late 1800s, and carefully restored to its original architectural glory. Although the building no longer serves as a church, it was odd and interesting experience to see the audience seated in actual pews and to conduct a Q&A from the "pulpit," so to speak.

Mayor Hallman introduces the event...
The audience was very interested to know about Cheryl's local activities – and to realize that Mary Todd now rolls through the streets of nearby Atlanta or Cheryl works at Savannah College of Art and Design. I encouraged them to look out for her when they are in her neighborhood.