Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Capri Theater needs your help

"Misadventures of the Dunderheads" played the Capri Theater in Montgomery Thursday, March 21. This is a beautiful and good sized theater in the Art Moderne style popular in 1941 when it is was built. Martin who runs it gave Bruce and our Assoc. Producer, Janellen, a wonderful tour of Montgomery, including the state capitol buildings and all the strangely wonderful and unusual that only a native knows. 
The Capri desperately needs to put in digital cinema projection equipment. 35mm film prints are only going to be produced in this country for about another year. Since the Capri is an art house theater (the only one in the Montgomery area, maybe as far as I know the State of Alabama) and a non-profit they have started a Kickstarter program to raise the money to convert their projection room to digital. You can access it here:

Please contribute!

After our screening, a local psychologist and trauma counselor, stayed around to talk about how well the issues of abuse are documented in the story of "Misadventures....". We find we get a lot of interest and acclaim from professionals who deal with abuse and trauma when they see the film. This is one of the joys of fiction art film. People can enjoy a dramatic comedy "story" and at the same time learn something about life since the depiction of the psychology and behavior is uncannily accurate. 

As Picasso said: "Art is the lie which reveals the Truth."