Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jacksonville, Florida--The Last Stop on the Southern Tour!

Today was the last screening for my Southern Circuit Tour--wow--what a whirlwind 9 days! I had a rough landing in Jacksonville, Florida but it was well worth it. About thirty people showed up to the screening in the pouring rain. My host Darryl Reuben Hall was a bit disappointed with the turn out, but I wasn't. Since I began screening my film I had already decided that whether there are 10 people or 200 at my screenings I am going to enjoy every minute of it. The audience members came early and left late with lots of talk about Daisy Bates--this woman they had never heard of. We had a wonderful conversation about Daisy's childhood and her complex relationship with her husband L.C. Bates. There was one audience member who was from Little Rock--she graduated from Central High in the early 1970s. Despite by being a native of Little Rock she still walked away knowing more about Daisy Bates than she did when she lived there. A wonderful end to a fantastic journey!