Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Entertainers in lovely Madison GA

Hi everyone - I'm Michael Zimmer, director of THE ENTERTAINERS, and I wanted to report on the wonderful time we had last night in Madison, Georgia at the Madison Morgan Cultural Center.  We had the privilege of showing our film in their lovely auditorium, in what was formerly a school but which now hosts all kinds of wonderful cultural events.
Ragtime Piano Star Ethan Uslan gets ready to put on a show-stopping live piano performance
Our film is about the World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest, and so I was so thrilled that Ethan Uslan, one of the stars of our film, and his family (his lovely wife Kate and two precocious sons Ben and Henry - all featured in our film) were able to attend.

10 minutes before showtime in the auditorium.
The audience really seemed to enjoy the film, which, as a filmmaker, is always nice to see :).  After the screening, we had a special treat:  Ethan gave a live piano performance on the Steinway in the Auditorium.  It sounded terrific - and the audience gave him not one but TWO standing ovations.

Ethan on the piano

Michael does a somewhat fumbling job of capturing Standing O #2 (!)
After the performance, the audience asked a lot of thoughtful, engaging questions, both about the filmmaking process and about the music and Ethan's playing.  Ethan and I both enjoyed talking with everyone and sharing our experiences with the film.  Afterwards, we were able to talk individually with people at a very nice reception.  What a treat!

All in all, it was a wonderful night, and we were so pleased to have the opportunity.  Rob Seymour, Performance Director of the Cultural Center, and his team were such kind and excellent hosts.  We owe them our thanks for a special evening.

Madison Morgan Cultural Center's Performance Director Rob Seymour and Ethan
 In fact, we had such a great time that by the end of the night, none of us wanted to leave.  

Ethan, his wife Kate, sons Henry and Ben, and the director, Michael

But, I'm very much looking forward to our next screening, which will be at the Tupelo Film Commission in Tupelo, Mississippi next Tuesday night at 7pm.  I will be there, and I look forward to meeting a great new group of indie film fans!