Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Augusta Embers

Screening #1 at the Morris Museum of Art was a great way to start the tour.  Anis and I rolled into Augusta without the slightest idea of what to expect.  At every turn we were pleasantly surprised with giant heaps of Southern hospitality and a dynamic visual landscape.  Below is the Look Away Inn where we stayed.  It passed the Anis seal of approval with flying colors.

The Morris folks, Kevin, Michelle and Jason were warm and accommodating, which was great, considering we had no idea what to expect for our first screening. The audience was fantastic, choosing us over the presidential debate (they might have been able to still watch it after the screening). We had a great discussion after, very engaging and thoughtful. We were, then, treated with a poem by Anis to top off the night.

After the screening, Anis and I walked down the main strip in Augusta. I can't count the visuals that pleasantly surprised us. I am not sure if we were over sensitive to our new surroundings but Augusta seemed like an ember that refuses to go out. While there was a stillness in the city, the night was filled with people still out and about, embers of activity waiting to ignite new kindling.  Augusta feels like it is in no hurry.  There is a comfort in this.  Perhaps it was just a normal weeknight and Augusta was where the rest of America was, watching the debate light up the TV screens.

The drive to Clemson continued the idea of life hanging on in decay. Sublime.