Thursday, September 20, 2012


I've finished day 3 of our tour ---- one could get used to the road. It's a pretty nice life.

My traveling-mother-in-law and I drove to Gainesville this morning, the poultry capital of Georgia. It's a quaint town with some good food and friendly people. Our first stop was lunch at 2 Dog, where a woman sitting next to us said she'd once owned a "dog bar" in New Orleans, catering to "doctors, lawyers, and gold diggers." We then had dessert at Inman's, where I had the spiciest Mexican Chocolate ice cream in the entire South (I'm sure of it).

The screening at the Gainesville Arts Council was really the best treat of all. Close to one hundred people were there for dinner outside, then our movie. It's been a while since I've seen it with such a big crowd (and this one was very engaged), so I stayed in the screening to watch.

Afterwards, Dr. Jeff Marker from Gainesville State interviewed me on stage, which was fun, and people had interesting questions and comments. A woman named Rosemary with a pink streak in her hair stuck around post-Q&A to ask my mother-in-law Daisy how she thought a friend of hers should approach telling her family about her interracial relationship. Daisy said to avoid the "GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER approach" and tell them before first introductions. We are in the South where everyone's direct! The crowd was lovely and thanks to Gladys at The Arts Council and the Gainesville State crew who were really on. We had a great night.